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thrust ball bearing, water pump bearing, pump bearing
[thrust ball bearing, water pump bearing, pump bearing]

As a professional thrust ball bearings, water pump bearings, pump bearings manufacturer, exporter, supplier and factory in China.--DHK Group Manufacturer was established in 2001. We are ISO-9001 certificated company. We focus stable high quality and professional service as well as reasonable price. Supported by our very strong & professional engineering team and good equipped quality research center, we are the right company to supply our customers with very stable high quality products, thrust ball bearing, water pump bearing, pump bearing and professional service.
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Wheel Hub Unit Bearings

thrust ball bearings

Hub unit bearings meet the demanding automotive requirements for high speed,performance and durability.
The seal has been incorporated into the hub unit which greatly reduces required maintenance.Improvements in steel and heat treatment have resulted in significant gains in bearing life.Compact design and case of assembly are also achieved when using this bearing.
Also we are no problem to fully understand and develop custom requirement. We control our production and quality process according to ISO standard and also no problem to follow PPAP III. We always submit samples according to ISIR. We are exporting more than 70% of our products, thrust ball bearings, water pump bearings, pump bearings to both Europe and USA, some of them go for OEM customers like GE, GM, Ford, etc.

Double Row Angular Contact Ball Bearings for A/C Mangnetic Clutch

water pump bearings

Double row angular contact ball bearings are found in the magnetic clutch of most automotive air conditioning compressors.This application requires compact design,high speed, high temperature resistance and long life.The bearings have a unique seal structure which has improved reliability and bearing life.

Self Aligning Clutch Bearings

pump bearings
This bearing incorporates the conventional clutch release bearing and resin sleeve. It also includes a self-aligning mechanism which reduces noise and wear of the diaphragm spring. The bearings are light weight,compact in design,and have improved dust and water resistance.

Multi-Tough Bearings

These bearings incorporate a special steel and heat treatment which significantly improves resistance to fatigue cracking in the raceways.Under conditions of sever contamination,bearing life can be extended as much as five times that of a conventional bearing.These bearings are especially suitable for automotive transmission applications.
Water pump bearings are used primarily in automotive water pumps and basically consist of standard double row bearings.
Mainly exist two types design;
Ball-Ball:with two rows of balls;
Ball-Roller:with one row balls,one row rollers.
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