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The raceways in the outer ring of this type bearing are designed with a spherical surface whose center coincides with the bearing centerline.The bearings are of an improved design which incorporates a modified line contact between the raceways and rollers.This construction allows the bearing to have a very heavy radial load.In addition to its excellent radial capacity,this bearing can also accept a relatively large amount of bidirectional axial loading.Spherical roller bearings can also accommodate some angular misalignment,which makes them excellent choices where shaft deflection or housing alignment is existing.

Series Bore (mm)   Series Bore (mm)
23000E, EK 100~1000 22300E, EK 40~300
23100E, EK 100~800 23900E, EK 160~1060
22200E, EK 25~ 340 24000E, EK30 120~800
23200E, EK 100~600 24100E, EK30 110~500
21300E, EK 20~ 120    

Typical Applications:
Paper Mill Equipment,Steel Mill Equipment,Construction Equipment and General Industrial Machinery.


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