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Combined bearings, from outside adjustable, for steel sections
The combined bearings which are "adjustable from outside" have been designed to make the recovery of the lateral clearances in handing systems easier. The method to adjust them is of easy execution and will keep the performances of the bearing intact.
Recommended method of adjustment:
  1. Turn the grub screws (pos.1) out with a hexagonal wrench
  2. Turn the TSEI screws (pos.2) with a hexagonal wrench
  3. Turn the adjustable pin (pos.3) using the holes (pos.4), which are at the side of the axial part,   with the help of a driver. This operation permits to have the requested adjustment
  4. Having checked the new adjustment, close without tightening the TSEI screws (pos.2)
  5. Turn the grub screws in (pos.1). The exact position of the eccentric pin will be thus defined.
  6. Tighten the TSEI screws (pos.2) strictly. The bearing is in standard position.

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(2) Taper outer (D) profile

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