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Adjustable combined bearings with axial support
The combined bearing listed are axially adjustable by means of calibrated adapter rings fitted between the axial bearings support and the front-side of the main stud. Both the axial and the radial bearings are provided with rubber seals to assure their tightness and are supplied grease filled with lithium base grease.
For special applications, as the use of these bearings at high temperatures, please inquire our engineering service.

(1) Taper outer profile (D)
(2) Dimension ¡°A¡± adjustable by means of adapter washers inserted between the main stud and the housing of the axial guide bearing. Adapter washers available with thickness 0.3-0.5-1mm
(3) For the axial support in ortolan: suffix F (ex. MR¡­¡­/F)
(4) References

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